Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Canna's

Many years ago (about 12 or 13), my Aunt Candy surprised us one day by delivering a few plants to my family that she had dug up from my Grandpa's house in California after he passed away. One of those plants was a canna. I planted one and my mom planted one at her house. Each fall, I pull them out and give the bulbs to my mom. Each spring they are returned to me in little pots ready to be planted again. 

Each year I have planted them somewhere different. This year I have found their new permanent home in front of our house. This is the perfect place. They have grown up right around the lamp and offer beautiful frame to the evening light that is generated there. My Grandpa was an avid gardener. He didn't have a lot of space but he utilized it to it's maximum potential. I enjoyed picking lemons off his lemon tree and then watching as they were lovingly turned into a tangy lemon pie. It is really special to have something from his home that is still existing today. Canna's are beautiful, I LOVE their tropical look. It reminds me of who I am, where I came from and about the beauty of growth and new beginnings.

I better add, another bonus is that these beauties are sitting front and center. Hopefully those who pass by our home enjoy these lush green leaves and summery flowers so much that they don't look beyond them and see the weeds around the rest of the yard!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lone Peak Track Club

This year Olivia and Italia ran track with the Lone Peak Track Club. It was a huge commitment with practices every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They worked SO hard through rain, snow, and really cold wind. At each event they could enter 3 different events. They seemed to excel at longer distances so they did the 1500 meters at every meet and then were able to try 1 field event and one other running distance.

Italia started out loving the long jump but then decided to try shot put and javelin as well. She ended up liking each of them.

The night before the first meet, Olivia announced that she liked the high jump and would be competing in that event. She ended up really LOVING it and is planning on continuing on with it.

The season included 3 meets (Lone Peak, Timpanogos High and Park City). Then there was the Utah Championships in Provo followed by the Regional Meet in Boise. The girls loved competing and really had fun making new friends, learning from the coaches and becoming stronger athletes. After competing in the first 4 meets we are really excited to go to Boise in a few weeks for a little more competition.

This Season's Results:

1500 Meters - Olivia
1st Place: 7:02.15 @ Lone Peak High on May 10th
1st Place: 6:34.39 @ Timpanogos High on May 24th
1st Place: 7:02.76 @ Park City High on May 31st
1st Place: 6:41.50 @ Utah USA Track & Field Championships - Provo High on June 7th

High Jump - Olivia
1st Place: 2-10.00 @ Lone Peak High on May 10th
2nd Place: 3-02.00 @ Timpanogos High on May 24th
1st Place: 3-02.00 @ Park City High on May 31st
2nd Place: 3-02.25 @ Utah USA Track & Field Championships - Provo High on June 7th

800 Meters - Olivia
2nd Place: 3:28.16 @ Timpanogos High on May 24th
2nd Place: 3:08.86 @ Utah USA Track & Field Championships - Provo High on June 7th

400 Meters - Olivia
3rd Place: 1:35.17 @ Park City High on May 31st

1500 Meters - Italia
1st Place: 7:56.05 @ Lone Peak High on May 10th
3rd Place: 7:48.38 @ Timpanogos High on May 24th
1st Place: 8:34.44 @ Park City on May 31st
1st Place: 7:47.99 @ Utah USA Track & Field Championships - Provo High on June 7th

Javelin - Italia
1st Place: 19-08 @ Timpanogos High on May 24th
4h Place: 15-06.50 @ Utah USA Track & Field Championships - Provo High on June 7th

Long Jump - Italia
5th Place: 5-04.00 @ Lone Peak High on May 10th

100 Meters - Italia
3rd Place: 20.07 @ Lone Peak High on May 10th
3rd Place: 18.45 @ Utah USA Track & Field Championships - Provo High on June 7th

800 Meters - Italia
1st Place: 3:57.87 @ Timpanogos High on May 24th

400 Meters - Italia
4th Place: 1:57.28 @ Park City High on May 31st

Friday, November 1, 2013

Still Speaking Her Language

One week later and Italia's picture and certificate come home again! Looks like the numbers are steadily increasing as the "Panda's" work toward 100% Chinese speaking. Way too much going on for these 1st graders. Besides being a good speaker at school Italia also was able to dress up for Halloween and party yesterday and then turn around and dress like a "50's" chick for the 50th day of school today. I think she will get a good night sleep tonight.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Go Cougars!

Overall it has been a great BYU football season. The plus has been that the weather has been A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!! Never too hot and never too cold. One home game in November so hopefully it is nice to us, but even if it is cold and snowy, that would be ok. All the kids have been able to go to games this season and they have all had fun. Only 2 losses so far, one at Virginia and one at home against Utah.

Isaac, Jaxton, Brian and I went to the Homecoming game against Georgia. They picked these 80's glasses up at the Tailgating party.

Ainsly, Italia, Tailyn and I got to go to the Boise State game. It was great to see Boise State finally get beat by a Utah school. We enjoyed the fall evening.

Italia was SO comfortable she curled up on my lap and slept through the 2nd half of the game.

Friday, October 25, 2013


Isaac is doing Audition Choir this year and is really liking it. They came home with their costumes yesterday and  he looked pretty darn sharp for tonight's concert. His pants were even long enough (since I bought them today).

They performed a song from Harry Potter and a medley from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Both were great! Isaac really loves singing and takes all the opportunities he can to build on this talent through school and the ward choir.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Italia and Chinese

This year (1st grade) Italia entered the Dual Immersion program at Renaissance Academy. Who would have thought that our sweet little doll would be a language whiz. Last year she was introduced to Chinese, Spanish and Arabic in Kindergarten then chose this year to put all her focus on Chinese. If she could do all 3 she probably would. She is always spouting things out in other languages and really fell in love with all 3.

Her Chinese teacher this year, Ms. Chen is great. The hardcore rule is NO English in class. Italia has mastered that and has received a certificate and a treat each of the last 2 weeks for successfully not speaking English in class. Now it is time for the next level - Speaking Chinese. Knowing Italia the no English rule is pretty easy, just don't say anything at all.

We had parent/teacher conferences a few weeks ago and Italia showcased her Chinese to us by conversing with Ms. Chen. She did the whole thing with a big grin on her face. I can't wait to see how she progresses. What an incredible opportunity this is for her!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Loving Pre-School

All 5 kids have not officially been students at The Treehouse Pre-School. Our neighbor and friend Julie Skousen teaches from her home in our neighborhood and each of the kids have looked forward and enjoyed their time with Julie.

Acacia is currently a pre-schooler and is LOVING every second of it. At the end of week 2 she asked if we could send Mrs. Skousen an e-mail. I didn't see any harm so she told me what to type and in the end her e-mail said:

Mrs. Skousen,
I love you so much. I love what you are teaching me and what else is that snack is really good. I can't wait to go on the field trip. I love all of your toys and I love what you are teaching me, and what else is that I like circle time. I like the songs. That's it.

I love you Mrs. Skousen


Later on that day Acacia was thrilled to find out that Mrs. Skousen had replied to her e-mail. The response read:

I love you too!! I'm excited for school tomorrow and it makes me happy that you like school! Thank you so much for your note.

Love, Mrs. Skousen

We are SO lucky to have such a great teacher and friend in our neighborhood. I will be sad when this year is over and pre-school is in the past.